Saturday, August 2, 2014

I do believe that life in the past 8 years have taught me about religion and caused me to lose my faith. I identify with most of the items in the left column. Very sad what my faith has become. Of course, that leads to guilt which takes me down that same path. 


This pic is so me! I need a strong man because I'm a strong woman. It gets annoying that men think I have an attitude. I don't have an attitude (most if the time) I have an opinion and a voice and I deserve to be heard. It's when I'm treated like I don't have an opinion and a voice that an attitude develops. A strong man knows how to liberate my voice and hear my opinion and steer me. No, I'm not just referring to the male spouse. I'd prefer that All males in my life be strong. If I can push you around, I'll still like you but respecting you is difficult. Also, please don't be a wimp! Yes, I know you'll be ill sometimes and even get injured sometimes. Okay, it can hurt, you can feel bad, just don't prolong it. It's not manly! You should always be stronger and tougher than me and have more endurance! I should never think, "Man up."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Music - the Language of My Soul

Remembering back to my childhood, raised on Southern Gospel music such as the Cathedrals and Gold City, music is embedded in me. I loved to play make-believe! One favorite memory from my years of playing make believe is singing with those groups. I used to turn the music up and sing along while pretending I was on stage with them or my own group.

Music was, and still is, a way to learn about God and express my love, gratitude, joy about Him and to Him. I have always loved to sing! Because of my passion for music and for God, I would have so enjoyed pursuing the ability of sharing that love and passion with others. However, that dream/desire was crushed with words from an adult who said that it wasn't even worth the money to pay for me to have voice lessons.

Fast-forward 20-25 years to today and you will find that it took a very long time for me to feel comfortable enough to sing aloud in congregational singing with just my husband. It took even longer to attempt to sing in choir, always fearful that someone would hear and comment about why I am in choir with an awful voice like that. The only place it didn't bother me to sing was with my school children. I so loved praising Jesus with my classroom full of kids. I knew they didn't care what I sounded like; just like God doesn't care what I sound like.

Yes, I sing in the choir. Most of the time I'm not scared or nervous anymore. However, there is a new GIANT to slay because I am part of a trio at my church. SCARED TO DEATH!!! I get up to sing and can't breathe I am so frightened. Now, before your thoughts get away from you, my only purpose for singing is to tell others about my Lord. I don't sing so people will think I am special; far cry from it!!! I just want to share with others about my Jesus.

Will I slay my GIANT? That is an unknown right now. I do know that I will keep working on it. I don't want that voice in my head and heart to win. PLEASE be careful and thoughtful of what you say to the children you influence! Your words have the ability to shape them or break them for the rest of their lives. Also, please remember that each person you meet has one or more burdens they bare and battles they fight. Encourage them! Help them! Rejoice with them! Pray with them! Cry with them! That is what the Bible implores us to do.

Monday, August 5, 2013


It's been a long while since I've posted. I like to say I've gone dark. The truth is I'm a very private person and I find it hard to express and share my thoughts and feelings. However, it's not due to a lack of thoughts or feelings. Quite the contrary, my mind is always going and it seems to be going with different threads of thoughts frequently. I've also recently realized that I'm a very sensitive soul with very deep emotions. I just don't know how to express them. 

Regarding my fibromyalgia, this year of discovered how very important sleep is! If I get 8-9 hours of sleep each night, my flares happen less often. Yay! Speaking of sleep, I need to work on shutting off my brain and going to sleep. Good night!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dealing with the Aftereffects of an Accident 10.23.10

If you have fibromyalgia, this blog should make sense to you; and perhaps, astound you. Early in the morning on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010, a vehicle turned into my lane of traffic causing me to T bone them and total our Ford Explorer. My husband and I were transported to the hospital via ambulance, checked out, given prescriptions to fill, and released to go home. My husband went to fill his meds-pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers. I chose not to fill mine; instead, I chose to increase my amount of Zija smart mix with its natural-occurring 36 anti-inflammatories. I knew that the next few days would be tough because of the increase in stress and the trauma from the accident. I chose not to work for the next two days (after seeking advice from those I trusted) in order to allow my body to rest and start to recover. The next few days were difficult but I continued to take my smart mix. As the smart mix continued to work, I started to feel better. I went back to work Monday-it probably was too soon but I have always been one who just pushes through. I have always been determined that I wasn't going to let a condition control my life. Now it has been a little over a month since the accident, and I am doing great. I can't even tell that I was in an accident. My husband, on the other hand, is still taking pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers. I am the one with fibromyalgia, but I am the one whose body has recovered. All I have to say is-there is power in proper nutrition!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Does this Describe You?

You hurt all over and feel exhausted most of the time.
Your doctor has ordered test after test, but the tests don't show anything specifically wrong with you.
Is it chronic fatigue syndrome? Depression? Lyme disease? Lupus? Could it be FIBROMYALGIA?
If you have fibromyalgia-or think you might have fibromyalgia-you are NOT alone.
It is estimated that 5 million Americans suffer with this mysterious condition, which overwhelmingly affects women between the ages of 20 and 60. It's not unusual for some patients to see as many as 10 doctors before finally discovering the cause of their pain.
And according to one estimate, it takes an average of 5 years after the onset of symptoms for a fibromyalgia patient to get an accurate diagnosis and start receiving appropriate treatment.
But there is GOOD NEWS: While fibromyalgia is chronic and can be debilitating, it's not progressive or life-threatening. And there are a number of treatments- both pharmacological and non-pharmacological- that can help you manage your condition and live an active life.
If you're reading this now, you've probably received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia — or have symptoms tha tmake you suspect that you have it.
You need the most current, reliable information on the most successful fibromyalgia treatment options available to you, so you can make the best informed decisions possible about your future.
Knowledge is key when it comes to treating fibromyalgia successfully.
Your pain is real . . . It's NOT all in your head!
Tired of hearing that you're imagining your pain?For years, fibromyalgia was considered a purely psychological condition.Now physicians understand that fibromyalgia involves the central nervous system. Yes, the brain controls the central nervous system, butt his does not mean that symptoms are "all in your head."
Physicians have been reporting symptoms of fibromyalgia since the 1800s,but it's only in the past few decades that the medical community has come to recognize and understand fibromyalgia as a unique condition.

I personally have found that a change in my eating habits and sleeping habits in conjunction with proper nutrition (Zija) have been the key to the improvement I have seen over the past year with my fibromyalgia. Check out more of my story on this blog.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dealing Daily with Fibromyalgia (8/30/10)

As my day started this Monday morning, I knew within an hour of being out of bed that it was going to be “one of those days.” For those of you with fibromyalgia, you know to what I am referring. For me, I know that this day will be dog-eared with fatigue and pain. A year ago, that combination would have sent me into an emotional tailspin. Today, I let my thoughts dwell on it for approximately 10 minutes. The difference??? HOPE!  51 weeks ago, a friend had enough compassion to reach out to help me. He shared a nutritional product called Zija with me. With 90+ nutrients and 36 anti-inflammatories in it for a little more than $3 a day, why would I ever stop taking an all-natural product that actually helps me? I know that some of you are thinking, “Yeah, right! Her symptoms must not be as severe as mine are.” and you are rolling your eyes. You could, possibly, be right. Here is a picture of my day right now—my skin is very pain sensitive. It hurt to get dress professionally to go to work this morning. In fact, my skin is so sensitive today that when I got in the car, I could feel my clothes that I was seating on because they were causing my legs to hurt. That is just part of my issue for today but that is okay =)! I can deal with it. I have my Zija and my xm3 drink from Zija. I may even take some premium tea this morning (also by Zija). I have hope again. I know that this is temporary-possibly a retracing. When you have had fibromyalgia for 15 years, it doesn’t magically disappear. I am extremely thankful that I have hope again thanks to a good friend and Zija! I have discovered in my life that having hope is a key element to my survival and success in life.